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Individual Coaching

Many of us are all too familiar with the feeling of being stuck.  Nora Plesent will help you to work past that feeling and into the next era of you. You might feel stuck in your personal or professional life, or you might feel unable to move through a difficult time, a loss, a past relationship, or a career chance. No matter where your stuck feeling comes from, Nora Plesent can help you to create the calm within, which will allow you to take the next steps on your unique journey to joy and satisfaction.

Nora uses a unique blend of meditation, writing and probing inquiry to help you connect with the small voice within and move forward in your life with passion and purpose.

Nora practiced law for 30 years and ran a multimillion dollar business, all while raising four children on her own. She knows firsthand the debilitating stress that can happen when trying to balance family and career, and now has the goal of being a support to others when it is their turn to find their path to calmness and grounding. Nora has committed her time to working with women who are struggling with carrying the burden of trying to do it all—from family to career. She knows that women give freely to those around them, often while depleting their own resources, which leaves them vulnerable to anxiety, exhaustion, and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

When you work with Nora, you’ll learn how to become more fully present, focused and ready to take the next steps in your life.  She will teach you how to better respond, rather than react to one’s life challenges, so that you may rediscover who you are at your very core.

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