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Be Still and Soar

I work with people who over-think, over-give and over-do and teach stress management tools and techniques to move towards more calm, clarity and connection with themselves and others.
My mission is to help overwhelmed professionals avoid burnout by learning to focus on being present and staying true to themselves.

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Wellness Programs for Professional Organizations

Focus, clarity, commitment, and productivity are critical to success in the corporate world, yet, they are often sadly lacking.


Giving employees tools to improve in these areas makes tremendous business sense, and meditation is one of the most powerful tools available for helping employees de-stress, think clearly, and become more laser-focused and productive in their work.


Through meditation, they’ll also likely grow a more positive attitude, making them easier to work with, more energetic, and far happier in the workplace! Meditation instructor, Nora Plesent knows the corporate world well, having been a practicing lawyer for 20 years and then the founder and owner of a multi-million dollar legal staffing business.


Nora discovered meditation during a very difficult time when personal and business stress threatened her wellbeing. She found meditation to be so powerful that she decided to become a meditation instructor. She received a 200 hour meditation teacher certification from Unplug Meditation in 2018 and completed an advanced teacher training program, Guided Meditation Framework, in 2019. Now, she dedicates her time to sharing the dramatic results with others in the corporate world. She knows that meditation works and is committed to working with individuals and teams in law firms and corporations to help them get back to their most grounded, creative, resourceful, and focused selves.


The importance of providing employees with tools to navigate these challenging times can not be overestimated. Employees may be experiencing fear, loss, isolation, anxiety, and depression and will benefit greatly from meditation, which helps us respond rather than react to life’s circumstances. The companies that will thrive in these times are the ones attending to their employees’ well-being.


Nora has the experience, background, intelligence, and wisdom that will make a real difference in your firms and companies, transforming the attitudes and productivity of your teams with simple and effective meditation practices. She has led meditation programs for companies, law firms and organizations including Women President’s Organization, Hanalei Company, ADR Services, Elevate Physical Therapy and the Century City Bar Association.


Nora offers her meditation programs virtually so that everyone on your team, no matter where they are physically, can participate. Clients report that their employees feel calmer and more energized after a single mediation session with Nora. Many companies have engaged Nora to provide a weekly session for their team for consistency and longer term results. Nora also works privately with individuals to increase performance and decrease stress and anxiety. We look forward to being of service to you and your team.

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