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One Day at a Time

Dear Gatherers,

I hope you are all managing through this strange and scary time.

While you may have had some wonderful moments of slowing down, reconnecting with an old friend or baking something special, you may also be feeling anxious, moody, unable to sleep and be experiencing sadness, uncertainty and grief. Try to allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, day to day, moment to moment.

"One of the loneliest elements of exile is the exile from one's feelings. The person who is not able to feel his life has become dangerously dislocated. Sometimes severe suffering causes this numbing: the heart atrophies".

John O'Donohue

The Gathering is the place to go to really connect with your own feelings, to make sure the heart doesn't atrophy. We are committed to helping you become calmer and clearer so that your heart opens wide and inspired action follows. This Sunday, May 10 is Mother's Day and I considered not doing a Gathering. But then I realized it's the perfect gift to all of you, mothers or not, who work too hard, give too much and who don't devote the time and energy to your own care.

Join us on Sunday for an hour of calm, clarity and connection. It's an opportunity to go inside and breathe, listen, reflect, write and share. 4 PT/ 7 ET!

It is important to take time to nourish your soul with poetry and music and the company of wise and wonderful women. Make time for you. See you Sunday. Please forward this to the mothers you know who could use a little nurturing this Mother's Day.


With Love and Light,


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