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Allow Yourself to Wander

Dear Gatherers,

You made it through another week! The days feel long but the weeks go by quickly! Things are changing, yet remaining the same. One minute you may be enjoying a special moment on Facetime with an old friend and the next moment you may burst out in tears for no particular reason. This is the time to be tolerant of others and particularly yourself. We are all winging it so perfection doesn't exist (it never actually did!). We are all on this bumpy road together. Allow yourself to wander, meander, be open to what's in front of you and be surprised. In the words of Theodore Roethke:

"I learn by going, where I have to go."

And for most of us right now, we are on new paths, finding where it is we have to go.

The Sunday Gatherings have been a source of great comfort for many women; a time they can look forward to, devoted to their wellbeing. We meditate, read poetry, write, share, reflect and listen to beautiful music. There is nothing you need to do, achieve, orchestrate, or complete. This is an hour for you to take a journey inside of yourself and connect with your own inspiration and guidance.

Please join us on Sunday, May 24 and invite your friends and colleagues!

Let me nurture you.You deserve it..

With love and light,


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