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Life Cycle Events

Many of us feel like our lives are on hold. We are working from and going to school at home. We are not going to movies, plays, concerts or other cultural events. We are not taking vacations or planning family reunions. But even in this time, our lives are moving ahead.  We are still getting older, having babies, experiencing the death of loved ones, celebrating anniversaries and getting married.  Now, more than ever, we need to mark these life cycle events in meaningful ways.

Nora Plesent customizes events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, and memorials and creates unforgettable experiences by weaving together words of wisdom, music, poetry and meditation. She will work closely with you to ensure that the event reflects your vision and style, while handling all the details so that you can fully participate in and enjoy the event.

In this time where we feel separated from the things, places and people we love, Nora brings exactly what’s needed to significant life cycle events; closeness, warmth, love and joy. She is able to bring people together in a way you wouldn’t think possible on-line, ensuring that the guests feel connected to each other and to the importance of the event.

While Nora Plesent can also officiate at small life cycle events in person, the majority of these events take place on Zoom.

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