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Practice Being in the Present

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Dear Gatherers,

What is your biggest challenge this week?

Some of us are wishing we had our old lives back.

Some of us don't want to go back to the lives we had.

Some of us are grieving, others worried about finances.

Some of us wish we could see people we are missing.

Some of us are wishing we could get away from the people around us.

Some of us are bored and others are exhausted.

No matter where you are, it's where you need to be. Be open to the lessons you need to learn

and embrace them. Practice being in the present.

"If you separate from.. everything you have done in the past,

everything that disturbs you about the future.. and apply yourself to living the life that you are living that is to say, the present, you can live all the time that remains to you.. in calm, benevolence and serenity".

Marcus Aurelius

Join me tomorrow morning at 9:30 PT/ 12:30 ET for a 30 minute meditation to ground you in the present. .

It's a time when we may need more support than we even know.

Surround yourself with people who will inspire you, read books that speak to your soul, be out in nature as much as possible and meditate. The Gathering provides a sanctuary for us to join together and relax, get centered, share our concerns, write, reflect and move forward. We explore a theme each week, read poetry, listen to music and enjoy an hour to ourselves. It is a supportive, loving, nurturing place designed for your well being.

Join us on Sunday at 4 PT/ 7 ET for an hour of calm, clarity and connection.

Where else is that available?


I am excited to offer a program designed to support you in coming out of these challenging times a calmer, and more satisfied version of yourself. This program, called BE STILL AND SOAR is designed to elevate your clarity, confidence and well-being. We will meet three evenings for 90 minutes each. In addition, you will receive an individual centering session with me. Each of the three evening sessions will focus on one of the Three P's (Private, Personal and Professional Self). There will be a customized meditation for each topic, writing exercises and follow up questions to foster meaningful conversation and support. Everyone will set goals for themselves in each of the three areas of the self and will be supported in achieving those goals. The group will be limited to 12 women so register now. The fee is $150. When we have 12 committed women, we will arrange a schedule that works for all. By the end of the program, you will experience calmness as well as a sense of soaring! Email me at if you are interested.

In addition, I am doing corporate meditation sessions on Zoom for groups, families, law firm, companies and organizations during these challenging times. These meditations are a great way to bring your team together and help ease anxiety and increase focus. Let me know if would like to discuss:

Feel free to invite friends to our events. They can register below or on our website at

My commitment is to support you in your journey to contentment, peace and joy.

I am sending you all lots of hugs and love and support.

With love and light,


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